Which Kpop Idol Has The Most Instagram Followers

Big Bangs G DRAGON 2. 16052021 Before Blackpink Chanyeol had the record for having the most Instagram followers among Kpop idols.

The 10 K Pop Idols With The Most Instagram Followers Male Edition Shinee Most Instagram Followers Kim Kibum

03052021 The female idol that gained the most new Instagram followers in Apr.

Which kpop idol has the most instagram followers. Lee Jong Suk 6. Blackpink members Lisa Jennie Ros. 02042021 BLACKPINK Members IU TWICE and more are Female Kpop idols that gained the most Instagram followers in Mar.

Below are the 15 Female Kpop Idols That Gained The Most Instagram Followers in March 2021. And with that their social following continues to grow. Right now BLACKPINKs Lisa holds the top spot of the most followed K-pop idols on Instagram.

617 rows 13072018 On December 26 2018 it was reported that EXOs Chanyeol passed. In that month alone the idol amassed 2485900 new Instagram followers bringing her. 14072021 20 Female K-Pop Idols with the most Instagram Followers.

These are the current 17 most-followed K-Pop idols on the platform. Because of this a lot of idols who have their own personal accounts have quickly gained tons of followers. Well we have discovered a list of 50 Korean stars with millions of followers on Instagram check out who tops the list below.

08072020 With their most recent comeback BLACKPINK has once again snatched up the worlds attention. 2021 is none other than BLACKPINKs Lisa. You can tell from following his feed that he is a huge fan of art and design.

27032021 Instagram has become one of the best ways for K-Pop idols to interact with their fans especially as many are now getting individual accounts for themselves rather than just using group accounts. However he is not as active as the others uploading to the account. 27012018 Have you ever wondered which KPop idols have the biggest number of followers on Instagram.

05022021 Who are the 10 most-followed K-pop stars on Instagram. And Jisoo top the list but Exos Chanyeol Sehun and Baekhyun arent far behind South China Morning. If you must know it actually took her only a year to get the crown.

The 10 K Pop Idols With The Most Instagram Followers Male Edition Most Instagram Followers Instagram Followers Kpop Idol

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