What Is Bts Members Zodiac Sign

Jungkook and RM share the same zodiac sign. The other BTS member born in 1995 V is a Capricorn.

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Aquarius February 18 1994.

What is bts members zodiac sign. SUGA AND THE ROOSTER. Jungkook Zodiac Sign Traits. BTS give advice to label-mates TXT.

Lets start with their zodiac signs because that definitely gives you more than enough information to work with. Jimins star sign is Libra as he is born in October 1013. RM the leader and Lead Rapper of BTS were born on 12 September 1994 in Sangdo-dong Seoul South Korea with the zodiac sign of Virgo.

Namjoon aka RM is Virgo and Jungkook is also a Virgo Jin is a Sagittarius SugaMin Yoongi is a PiscesJhope aka Jung Hoseok is an Aquarius Jimin is a Libra and Taehyung aka V is Capricorn. The youngest member of this K-pop group Jungkook was born during September. What zodiac signs are BTS.

Jin Capricorn can t stand a slacker making them a great match with the hard-working leader Jin. What is each BTS zodiac sign. Aquarius aries astrology cancer capricorn constellation constellations gemini horoscope leo libra pisces sagittarius scorpio stars taurus virgo wattys2018 zodiac zodiacsigns.

Born on February 18 1994 BTS member J-Hope is an Aquarius. The Golden Maknae Jungkook is known for his vocals visuals and kind heart. Aries March 21 April 19.

Rap MonsterLibra Sagittarius JinTaurus Pisces. 13 1995 Jimin is a Libra. Thats the singer and dancer Jimin whose birthday.

BTS debuted on June 13 2013 with the lead single No More Dream on album. No that sounds weird. SIGNS BTS Compatibility Aries.

Jikook Two members of BTSs maknae youngest line Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook known affectionately by fans as Jikook when together often take on childlike youthful roles. Jin the oldest member of BTS is a Saggitarius. He is also a Libra.

But if you want to know if you and your future bae are really compatible then check out every BTS members zodiac sign below to see if you two are truly destined. I am a Libra which is the same as Jimin. Of the seven performers in this award-winning K-pop group only two of them have the same zodiac sign.

Find your compatibilty with each of BTS members. What is BTS zodiac sign. Zodiac Sun Sign.

Libra is a very non-confrontational sign which dislikes conflict and Jimin can act as a peacemaker within their group whenever disputes or misunderstandings occur though all BTS members share this energy to some extent. All bts members zodiac signs. Virgo September 1 1997 Jimin.

Hes the youngest member in BTS but dont judge him by his age. Sagittarius December 4 1992 J-Hope. His Blood Typ e is A.

His birthday is the 13th of October. BTS Members Zodiac Signs. For a closer look into the personality of this idol fans can turn to his zodiac sign and birth chart.

View this post on Instagram. I Got Jin I Actually Can Imagine Us Being Best Friends And Him Beating Up Jungkook Whenever He Bullies Me. His Blood Typ e is A.

Virgo Moon Sign. BTS Kim Nam-joon RM Rap Monster was born on September 12 1994 unknown birth time in Goyang South Korea which makes his astrological sign Virgo. In chinese astrology bts member zodiac signs include dog water considering that bts members include fire air water and earth zodiac signs there are plenty of compatibility to be had for love.

Jimin BTS Birth data and astrological dominants. Kim Seokjin JIN Birthdays Zodiac Signs Blood Types. Lets start with their zodiac signs because that definitely gives you more than enough information to work with.

A post shared by BTS official btsbighitofficial on Jun 13 2018 at 800am PDT Capricorn Dec. Pisces March 9 1993 Jin. Libra October 13 1995 Suga.

Read signs as bts members from the story KPOP Zodiac by alt-taehyung 春 with 2971 reads. The most compatible signs with Aquarius are generally considered to be Aries Gemini Libra and Sagittarius. Capricorn December 30 1995 Jungkook.

If you dont know when the members birthdays are and what sign they are here is. Mine is sooner than that but I would rather not say when it is exactly.

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