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On November 29 2019 it has been announced that Daisys future plans are still being discussed. Daisy got into a dating scandal which is a very big thing in Korea.

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It was a bit of a Cube situation.

What happened to daisy from momoland. She was a former JYP trainee and was almost joined SIXTEEN survival show which formed TWICE but left before the show began. Later on Daisy was added in the group on March 28 2017. The nine-member group was formed via the 2016 reality show Finding Momoland though only Jane Hyebin Yeonwoo Nayun Ahin JoeE and Nancy joined at first with Daisy and Taeha being added after.

Both members are currently on hiatus due to undisclosed personal and health reasons. Daisy wasnt supposed to be part of Momoland since she was eliminated in the show but later added on March 28 2017. 26092019 September 26th 2019.

They confirmed the dating rumours while YG denied them. 29112019 However it has been confirmed that both Taeha and Yeonwoo have left the band while Daisys future is also up in the air. 06102019 Fans have been requesting an explanation from Momolands label about Daisy and Taehas hiatus but theyve yet to receive an official statement after.

MLD Entertainment confirmed the. Daisy has a younger sister. More watered down version Daisy had been taken out of Momoland indefinitely for fake medical reasons and was demanded to pay an insane amount of money to end her contract.

Daisy is in a dispute with her agency MLD Entertainment. Celuv TV Interview In February 2019 Momolands agency confirmed that Daisy is dating iKons Song Yunhyeong. Daisy did go on a show last year and tried to explain what happened to her but it sounds really messy and has likely resulted in a.

29112019 On November 30 MLD Entertainment announced Taeha and Yeonwoo are leaving the girl group and Momoland are continuing on as 6 members. Daisy wont participate in the current promotions due to private reasons. 14032019 Fans Speculate MOMOLANDs Daisy Is Skipping Out On Comeback Promotions Due To Recent Dating Scandal.

MLD Entertainment announced Momoland will be promoting as a group of 7 without Taeha and Daisy for the 5th mini album due to health issues and. While she was eliminated from the. Concerned MOMOLAND fans are all asking the same question Where are Daisy and Taeha.

On March 14 MLD Entertainment issued an official statement regarding Momoland s 5th. On March 20 MOMOLAND made their comeback as a 7-member group with their album Show Me. Daisy is originally a contestant in Finding Momoland but was eliminated.

10012020 What happened to MOMOLAND Daisy. 30112019 Member Daisy who had been on a long hiatus is also still in negotiations with the agency. 20032019 Momoland talked about Taeha and Daisy s absence.

Youre right about Daisy she was probably kicked for making MLD look bad. An internal accusation was made against Finding MOMOLAND stating that the producers of the show deceived the viewersThe person who filed the internal complaint was Daisy herself. In February 2019 Daisy was rumoured to be dating iKONs Song.

She was advised by MLD to sit out so she wont be harassed by the media my assumption but then you can see anyways that all the interview of MOMOLAND during the Im So Hot promotion period the media kept asking about Daisy they were pretty much harrasing and being rude to the remaining members. Daisy has been asked by her agency to pay up a penalty close to 1. Shes probably going.

13032019 MLD Entertainment confirms Taeha. Daisy Ahin Jane share a room. MLD Entertainment announced Momoland will be promoting as a group of 7 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy.

MOMOLAND s agency confirmed that Daisy and Taeha will not. 07012020 Daisy personally revealed to KBS how Finding MOMOLAND was rigged in her favor and how she had to repay production fees for the survival show. Daisy and her mother had every right to be angry.

Safety How YouTube works. Daisy is a former JYP trainee she almost joined Sixteen the survival show which formed the group Twice but she left JYP before the show began. Daisy will sit out Momolands Show Me comeback promotions.

The agency also gave an update on Daisy s participation in.

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