What Age Should You Audition For Kpop

It actually means that theyve seen your audition and evaluated it after you get this email you should wait 3 weeks max. Stick to black or white clothing using kpop idols dance practices as references is a good idea.

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You can audition as early as 12 years old.

What age should you audition for kpop. When you attach your photo files to e. I think a small paragraph of around 5 sentences should be good. When performing you make a mistake.

You wont pass the audition. 13 How old should I be when I audition. You can actually audition at any age they said it in their website HOWEVER if you wanted to get accepted there is age limit for auditioning.

If you dont get an email after 3 weeks of getting this email then it means you failed. WARNING THIS IS GONNA BE LONG SO BRACE YOURSELF it depends on your voice and what languages you speak also what you can feel emotionally lets start with the voice -DO NOT SING A SONG THAT IS TOO HIGH OR TOO LOW -You want to. What your favorite color.

Since when have you been harvesting the talent. Check out this video to find out if your age is the best age to Kpop Audition. Like mentioned above I feel that a good age is between 13 to 17.

Both Girls and Boys. If you are under 14 a legal guardian will need to accompany you for your audition. Try to make it short but not too short.

What is the age limit for kpop audition. Even though there are idols who have debuted at 16 or even younger there are some who have debuted in their 20s. Its been my dream since I was little.

Answer 1 of 15. I felt inspired by other idols and wanted to try something new. Title has it all.

Good luck my cherry blossoms. Whats your talent or talents. Well for your first question most likely yes your age is alright but it really depends which Kpop Industry your trying to go for.

What previous experience youve had. If you are 1822 you still have a chance but you have to be really talented and look younger than your age. But dont cut your dreams if youre older there are many agencies and you have many chances.

Some trainees start as young as 11 years old but many dont get discovered and join a company until theyre in their late teens so dont despair if youre a little older. You can always try again though. 16 is a good age to audition and try out for a company.

If you are in the rap department you might consider joining YG if you are a guy Bighit kind of play favoritism toward guys. That means at the earliest you should be training at age 10. Its always better to be under 20 when you want to audition for a company.

Then if the average of years of training its 6 years you have to be now in a normal age at least 14-years-old or 16 so you can debut as a 20 22-years-old young idol. And lastly why youre interested in that specific company. Answer honestly I just felt like it.

I admire that you could go to the live auditions i wish i could too even its only for experience. This ensures ample time for training before your debut and prevents you from debuting too old. Be confident and show your presence.

Della712 i feel you. If you audition when you are 16 you will have a chance to live as a trainee. Not from what we know of when idols start training.

Be prepared and practice a lot. Considering you do make it past auditions 14 Should I. I dont mind if they dont choose me because i know im probably too old for these things.

There are no age restrictions to apply but with an average of six years required for training the sweet spot for auditioning artists is between the ages of 14 and 16. Why did you decide to audition. I just want to try this out as long as im still able to.

E-mail and Online Audition File Attachment. Choose a song that fits your color. Audition to a company with your advantages.

Is 16 too old to audition for Kpop. Therefore it is recommended to get a full two years of experience in dancing and voice training before auditioning. Secondly Once again it depends on the Kpop Entertainment but nationality is no problem.

Send your profile via E-mail and attach your video file or music file with your photos face-shotsfull-body shots. Talented individuals who cannot participate in Auditions can send their profiles to SM Casting Directors. The entertainment group is currently holding open auditions that started in May and will continue through December 2020.

Many K-pop trainees and. After watching this video youll now know whats the best age to kpop audition when youre in your 20s. No limit on Age Gender and Nationality.

Make sure you dont look sloppy and also dont dress like a kpop idol about to perform. Or how if you want to. Show them you want to be a kpop idol.

The finalists will be offered an opportunity to participate in the special training system of JYP Entertainment. 12 18 years. The best is between 1117 years old.

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