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Mister song Song performed by South Korean girl group Kara from their second Korean album Revolution 2009 and their debut Japanese album Girls Talk 2010. Pretty Girl Korean version 13.

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She still retains the confidence from the Japanese version plus her unique rapping voice translates well in Korean.

Kara mister korean version. 17082010 Kara recently released their single in Japanese titled Mister with official Music Video. Download ExtMatrix RyuShare Pass. Morever they look really beautiful and preety in the MV.

I just love the song and the dance. Kara debuted in the South Korean music industry with Break It. On March 29 2007They entered the Japanese music scene on August 5 2010 with the Japanese version of MisterThey released nine full-length albums seven extended plays and twenty-eight singles.

16032021 I loved all of their Japnese version especially kara mister. Знаете ли вы 5 необычных музеев. 06042011 Kara 카라 often stylized as KARA is a popular girl group from South Korea signed with Daesung Entertainment DSP.

Мы больше не будем рекомендовать вам подобный контент. Joy which the group interpreted to mean sweet melody1 Kara started as a four-member group and debuted with their first album The First Blooming in 2007. 30072010 a higher quality version mixed with the original song and the japanese version mv.

08082020 NiziUs Rima. 100791 viewsKara – Mister ak. Whats happening to YouTubes IDIOT faces and they continue to delete this videoRE-UPLOADED.

I made for myself this song into karaoke for male version. 28012017 KARA Japan 1st Digital single MR미스터 MV Korean Ver. Mister 미스터 Korean version 11.

Making Of Interviews Close-up of Lupin and Date My Boy of each girls. Rima on the other hand sounds amazing in the Korean versionDare I say I like her rap in Korean more than Japanese. And Run Devil Run but Im not 100 sure if I like them more than the korean version.

24092018 What a lovely series and what great episodes from My Mister also known as My Ajusshi could have been had it been presented in English with an emotional voice-over. They also recorded soundtracks of various Korean and Japanese dramas. The band name Kara comes from the Greek Word chara.

KARA – Mister Korean Version Letra e msica para ouvir – La la la la la la La la la la la la La la la la la la 1 2 3 4 5 6 Boom it La la la la la la. So lets look at the Korean version instead. I really like the japanese version of Oh.

Total from previous upload. The Korean version doesnt have MV but the butt dance is still the same. Released as their Japanese debut single on August 11 2010.

Мы больше не будем рекомендовать вам подобный контент. Unfortunately this series was presented in a robotic documentary style of the worst kind and that ruined the English version.

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