How To Report A Seller On Ebay For Harassment

I tried clicking on report in email and got same loop. Tried calling but on hold forever.

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Report a seller what to do if ebay ended the listing of an item you bought.

How to report a seller on ebay for harassment. Use the first 'report' feature. Don't keep talking to her or interacting in anyway. Creepy person, no doubt, so block them and forget about them.

You can add this buyer to your blocked buyer list and that is about it, and block them from messaging you. Go to help & contact on ebay, “manage my account”,select “account restriction and selling limits” as this is the same department, and click “account on hold for non payment” and scroll down, there should be a range of contact options. Using hateful or offensive language

Hopefully the bully has moved on from you and found another victim. If you bought an item, and then received a message from us saying that the listing has been removed, you don't need to report the seller to us, but to get your money back you'll need to let us know that you haven't received your item, or open a return if the item has. This is not an exhaustive list;

Abuse is defined as an act that purposefully hurts another person. You told us it could be better & we changed it.”. Of course, if you did contact them and got no joy and their messages are rude and insistent, then you should report them.

I had same issue yesterday with a seller that cancelled the sale since they felt didnt get enough? The more you talk to her the more she will keep on harrassing you. You don’t need to report the seller to us if you bought an item and then received a message from us saying that the listing was removed.

Abuse and harassment on ebay. How do i report a seller for threats and harassment. I think ebay should do more about the harassing but sadly dont think they will.

Harassment refers to persistent threatening or upsetting behavior. Abuse and harassment can come in many forms on ebay and be directed towards buyers as well as sellers. Administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, and account suspension.

I bought an item that was definitely not as described. Activity that doesn't follow ebay policy could result in a range of actions including for example: View solution in original post.

Then she opened a case with paypal and the gave her $2.59 in shipping back and then she started messaging me to rub it in my face. Report a seller what to do if ebay ended the listing of an item you bought. The second one in smaller printing for spam is meant for something other than this.

If the seller didn't know you were unhappy, perhaps they are now trying to put it right, which seems like harassment? You need to be at a desktop to see it. (you can check the box in seller settings that will prevent blocked bidders from contacting you) every message has a link at the bottom to report this message.

I've been dealing with a seller harassing me. They may be trying to get you to complete a purchase off ebay, for example by paying cash or transferring money to an overseas account. She sent me messages telling me how wrong i am.

To report fraud to ebay, you generally need to have the user name as well as a reference number or any other information about the specific listing where the fraud has occurred. Just ignore any comments or messages and move on with your store. Always be careful if a seller asks for your personal contact details, such as an email address or phone number.

For example, if you've used the contact member system within ebay, you may have a name or email address for the person, or you may have exchanged emails. Help me to report this harassing ebay user ,she abuse me and threats me. Due to the buyer (99p) providing different address and a couple of other small things, i (after contacting ebay and following advice) refunded the buyer and cancelled the transaction.

Some real life examples on ebay would be: This policy outlines our expectations for buyer behavior. Telling you to die is not the same as a death threat.

To report there must be a sale and the option is where you leave feedback. Ebay messages is the safest way to contact other members. If the seller is harassing you, go to each message and use the report feature at the bottom of it.

You suspect the seller is under the age of 18; “community just got a facelift, thanks to you! I won 2 cases against her and that made her crazy.

Add the id to your bbl. Engaging in activity as described in this policy may result in a range of actions, including the loss of ebay money back guarantee coverage, issuing warnings to buyers, blocking buyers from requesting. You’ll find all of our policies here.

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