Transcript for Olivia Munn opens up about returning to TV as ‘the CIA’s best operative’

day with the popul histo channel showalled “six.”a military drama about Navy S.E.A.L. Team six and Olivia S joining the cast as top CIA operative a mic sat down with her before tonight’ason premiere. Who is in cmand here? Reporter: Ovia Munn is back on the sma screen armed and “Six.” You are the new cast member for “Six.” So whats it like be on the set now you’re the newbie? I grew up in military family so constant the new kidall the time so it’s a very comforta feeling. My character is the CIA’s best operative. I dn’t knows still I arted working on it buthe CIA, most of women are theirbest interrogators, their best field operators, their shooters. The CIA is about keeping secret. They a known for keeping secrets. So would you be a good agent? Yes. I’m great at keeping secrets. You know that about me. You ar so you would F right in. Yeah. The ever-busyress recently attended the meta in a that resemble ARMO You were afraidt you wouldn’t be able to dance in this dress. How did tt go? Oh, ll, I ally — It was heavy. I havend any it was very heavy but I actually left the met ball before dinner was served bse my metal headpiece gav me a rashn my scalp and started cutting my forehead. I was ke I have to go I’m itching, I’m bleeding and I was outside waiting to are M van to come U and I went go walk this vannd the guy goes, I’m here for the S. Katy Perry’s wings. I was there WHE everybody else was inside. People have aing man. She has a win van. It was a whole van fhe wings. It waszing. [ Applause

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