Many people are happy to see and NASCAR driver getting together, except one person. The Green Bay Packers quarterback’s ex-girlfriend reportedly is not thrilled after seeing the new couple’s at the Daytona 500 which are all over internet.

“Olivia is upset and disappointed knowing ex Aaron is flaunting his new relationship with Danica with tons of PDA,” says a source to . Olivia, who dated Aaron for three years before splitting last spring, allegedly doubts Danica’s feelings for Aaron. “Olivia feels like Danica can’t be serious with Aaron because Danica must be on the rebound after breaking up with [fellow NASCAR driver] Ricky [Stenhouse Jr.].”

However, it seems like Danica is serious with her relationship with the 34-year-old athlete. “Danica has been telling friends that she wants her relationship with Aaron to be the last relationship she ever has as she is on the fast track on getting married,” another insider adds. “She doesn’t want to scare off Aaron, but she has been upfront with him that this isn’t going to be a fling and that he better have hopes for a future because she isn’t involved with him for a fun little fling.”

The “” actress wishes that Aaron and Danica could keep themselves from over-exposing their romance. “Olivia wishes Aaron and Danica would have kept things more private and behind closed doors,” shares the source. “Olivia is trying not to feel jealous but she does a little bit, which makes her feel like she is not totally over Aaron. Olivia really felt she and Aaron were going to get married so seeing him with Danica hurts.”

“It hurts her that Aaron is parading Danica Patrick around,” claims another insider to . “Olivia really thought he was the one for her.”

The 37-year-old actress is allegedly “trying to stay positive, but her friends are all married, and her bestie, , is having a baby,” making she feel “left out.”

Olivia was previously rumored to be dating , but it doesn’t seem to work out. “She liked him, but he wasn’t into anything more. Olivia’s starting to fear she doesn’t have what it takes for a long-term relationship. That’s ridiculous, but her friends are worried her self-confidence is low,” the insider reveals.

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