Transcript for Emma Bunton discusses what’s next on ‘The Great American Baking Show’

You know our next guest from the best-selling female pop group of all time, she’s baby spice from the spice girls. Yes, and now she’s gearing up to go back on tour but before that Emma Bunton is living the sweet life as the new host of “The great American baking show” holiday edition and she’s here to spice up our life. Yes, cue the music. Everybody, please welcome Emma Bunton. ?????? Have some cookies. Come on, take one. Yes. The big one. Yum. Hello. So nice to meet you. I’ll take these off you. Thank you so much. How are you? Good to see you. Hi. Hi, everyone. I was taking these partly to be nice and partly for myself later on after this interview. But thank you for joining us. Good morning. That was one of the spice girls’ biggest hits “Spice up your life.” Yeah, “Spice up your life.” So we know you know how to make a hit song but be honest, how are you in the kitchen? Oh, I’m awful. But I learned a lot on this show. I mean it’s just incredible. To be around those guys, they’re amazing bakers and to work with obviously other people, I’ve learned quite a bit but I think I’m better at tasting than I am at baking. Tasting. We loved it. It’s just such a warm show. The contestants on the show worked really hard. They’re quite competitive and it was a bit intense but it’s a good, fun show and we love it. A fan girl moment with Margot Robbie. I know, both I and Margot just met and were screaming. She’s wonderful, isn’t she? She’s beautiful and to have that kind of connection and she was so excited when she did the tease to you — She just said she used to dress up as baby spice, as me and so, yeah, that’s always really sweet to here. Are you ready for the holidays. My favorite holiday ever and I kind of go a bit overboard so I’m in this perfect place for Christmas. But, yeah, we have trees all over the house. We all — me and my kids decorate and have music on and drink mulled wine so it’s such a lovely time. You go caroling. We go caroling. We sing, yes, we do everything and it’s a lovely time. We’re very family based so it’s that time to sit together, play board games, you know, eat great food, it’s really important to us. Beautiful. You have a lot more singing coming up. Going back on tour. I do, yes. So I’m so excited about going back on tour and doing this because I love the girls and we have so much fun on stage but I’m also doing it because my kids have never seen me perform with the spice girls, so I’m doing it for them. They like singing along so they’ll love the show. They’re going to love the show. It’s quite spectacular. You know the world has known you for baby spice since the ’90s but if you were to get a persona today, what would your persona be? Well, I suppose — well I am a mummy now so maybe mummy spice. I can be a bit cheeky so we’re a blend between mummy and cheeky spice, I think. Cheeky spice? I like that. It’s a new one. You are delightful. Oh, no. Everyone is really excited. So excited about the show and also about the spice girls being back. Sdmrid’s like to say a big thank you because being here as well seeing American fans, it’s just incredible and they’re all flying over to the uk to see tour which is amazing. And I’m — with this show they’re excited, “The great American baking show,” honestly they’re like, can you bake me something? I’m like, no, I just get to eat the food and host. It looks good. We’ll finish this off for you. Maybe I will alone, we don’t know. Emma, thank you for joining us and “The great American baking show” holiday edition is back right here on ABC.

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