“I’m doing the Joker. I was offered a part,” Callen revealed. “That’ll be fun, but I think it’s only a couple days. I play an aging dancer. A stripper. I don’t want to go into the details. I can’t go into the details, but just know it’s going to be good. I’ll be in a Speedo, […]

Guardians of the Galaxy


Sources say there has been a growing feeling that Gunn could be reinstated, especially because Marvel and Disney have been unusually radio-silent on who could replace him since the firing. Production is slated to start at the top of 2019, and following Gunn’s removal from the film, it was thought that Marvel and Disney would […]


‘Venom’ trailer #2 shows Tom Hardy in action

The world has enough superheroes. Watch the new #Venom trailer now. 10.5.18.

Batman v Superman

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Snyder confirmed the news to a fan on Vero who had shared the deleted Suicide Squad footage of Batman talking to Harley Quinn about The Joker taking someone from him (he was referring to Robin). When a fan followed up and asked if Snyder intended to bring Dick Grayson back after a Flashpoint movie, Snyder […]

Wonder Woman

Pedro Pascal Wonder Woman 1984

“Can’t…Stop… Watching… Pedro Pascal !!!,” Jenkins wrote on Twitter, along with the photo above. We see Pascal in the back of a car wearing a suit. Fans have quickly assumed that he could be playing Maxwell Lord, a shrewd and powerful businessman from the comics.

Star Wars

Star Wars

As you surely know, Walt Disney’s shareholders have voted to purchase Fox (save for Fox Sports and Fox News) for around $71.3 billion. There are many reasons to be … concerned about the deal, not the least of which is that the folks behind Fox News now have another $71 billion to play with. While […]

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