CBS Televison Studios Hosts 1st Annual National TV Dinner Night For New Comedies "The Millers" And "We Are Men"

Sony Pictures has set J.B. Smoove to star in Spider-Man: Far from Home, sources said. Sony would not comment and nobody would divulge Smoove’s role but I’m told it is a lead in the ensemble. So far, he’s the first new cast member to be set beyond Jake Gyllenhaal, who is expected to play the […]


Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

In a new interview with Den of Geek, Fishburne exlained that he doesn’t think he’s “on call” to return to the DC Extended Universe. He also hasn’t heard anything about Man of Steel 2 and seemed disappointed with the state of the DCEU as a whole. Check out the DC portion of his new interview […]

Birds of Prey


Last night I tweeted that I thought introducing Batgirl in a R-rated Birds of Prey movie was an interesting choice, given the fact that her solo movie will likely be PG-13 and she has the potentially to be a hero for young girls just like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was. That’s when The Wrap reporter […]

Birds of Prey


Margot Robbie is currently promoting her new movie Terminal, which means we’ll be hearing a lot about Birds of Prey as well. Yesterday Robbie revealed that the movie will be R-rated, have a small budget, and begin shooting in January. Now she’s talking about some of the casting choices as well as Harley Quinn’s look […]


Ant-Man Wasp Int Poster HD F

Marvel Studios is now 20 for 20 when it comes to topping the domestic office on opening weekend. Ant-Man and the Wasp won the weekend easily with $76M in North America. It also improved upon the opening of the first Ant-Man ($57.2M) by 33%. Globally, Ant-Man and the Wasp opened at $161M. If that sounds a little low, […]

Captain Marvel


That first scene with Michelle de-aged, I mean, all the de-aging that you guys have done looks incredible, but she looks like she stepped out of a movie from 30 years ago. It looks so good. And while I was watching it, I was wondering if you guys ever end up doing like a prequel […]

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